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2022-06-23 04:11NBA Live Broadcast
Summary: Nba2k online how to change playersHow to change players on nba2k online: Step 1: open nba2konline, log in to the game, and enter the game interface. Step 2: click the team option under the game to sel
Nba2k online how to change players
How to change players on nba2k online: Step 1: open nba2konline, log in to the game, and enter the game interface. Step 2: click the team option under the game to select the career option in the team. Step 3: click the player information in your career to open your player information interface. Step 4, inNba2konline how to stop. Seek the great god religion
Nba2konline second board method: if it is C, you need to pay attention to the following points: the second board can only appear on the three-point ball that has not been thrown. Two minutes is almost impossible. At least I haven't been there. Third, you have to get a good position under the basket before others take the shot. The first ball reached the highest point and began to fallNba2konline how to dunk
The default dunk key of NBA 2K online system is the acceleration key shift+ shooting key D. Dunk: when someone is defending under the basket, press and hold the acceleration key "shfit+ shooting key D" to seize the opportunity to take off and complete the dunk. Fancy dunk: when there is no defense under the basket, press and hold the acceleration key shfit+ shooting key D or special shooting keys C and VWhat Nba2konline  select therequirements does nba2konline have for computer configuration
If the nba2konline configuration is not high, the CPU of Intel Celeron can be brought with it. As long as it is a dual core processor (don't be too junk) + integrated display, it can play smoothly. The memory needs 2G. It just takes up all the memory when playing. It is recommended to install an independent display. After all, integrated display sometimes gets stuck
Nba2k online how to press the European step
Nba2kol European step pressing method: release the acceleration key during the progress, press and hold the ball holding direction key when approaching the basket (press the left ballNba2konline  select the in the left hand and press the right ball in the right hand) + w+d, provided that there must be someone in front, and no one can do it (that is, in the training field), and there must be a layup spaceNba2k online 2 how to enter the computer version of the game
Search the web page for "nba2konline", find the official website for download, click download to download the installation package, click the installation package to open the installation package, click installation completion, double-click the application and click login to enter the wegame interfaceNba2konline dynasty mode, how to quickly get obvious players
There are three methods: free sampling: every two days and 20 hours, there will be free sampling of NBA superstars in the star area of the mall. The stars drawn each time may be the same. They may not be purple stars, which requires luck; If you don't get the purple star when drawing, you can get 1 lucky poNba2konline  select theint. When the lucky spots are fullHow many zones are there in nba2k Online
American Airlines Stadium (double track) staples (Telecom) rose garden (Netcom) Joint Center (Telecom) in 4 districts
Nba2k online how to defend
Nba2k online defense method: serve defense is aimed at many players who like to serve and shoot directly. Don't rush to steal the key points. Stick them up at the first time and hold down the key. In this way, there is no space and there will be deformation shots. The ability to steal is very strong for external linesWhat is the difference between nba2k and nba2k online
Nba2k is a stand-alone version with less content and little playability. Nba2k online is an online version. Now the national service is represented by Tencent. Nba2k onNba2konline  select theline can PK with different players. This is a highlight, and there are more people than the stand-alone version. Background nba2konline is officially authorized by the NBA
Nba2konline select the

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