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Nba2k10 then there are 5 shooting keys

2022-06-23 05:44NBA Live Broadcast
Summary: Nba2k10 how to operateI set the keys I am used to in the key settings of option. The first thing is to move. This is the same as CS. I won't say more. Then there are five shooting keys, which are 2
Nba2k10 how to operate
I set the keys I am used to in the key settings oNba2k10  then there are 5 shooting keysf option. The first thing is to move. This is the same as CS. I won't say more. Then there are five shooting keys, which are 24568 of the keypad (in defense, 5 is steals and 4 is interference
What is the difference between NBA2K9 and nba2k10
The 10 advantages of 2k10: the two ends of attack and defense are much more realistic than 2k9. The movement is very natural. Stretching and watching NBA games feel very similar to music. The music of this generation is so beautiful. Sometimes I stop at the team selection screen to listen to musicNba2k10  then there are 5 shooting keys. Playback was also goodFF300R12KT4
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How to operate nba2k10 key
Nba2k10 keyboard operation introduction this article is first written to introduce the operation and functions of each keyboard in detail to some new players and some players who are not very familiar with keyboard operation. So that everyone can play a smoother game and a better game experience. What I'm talking about here is the default key of the keyboard. The first is moving, thisHow to operate the nba2k10 keyboard
How to operate the nba2k10 keyboard? Nba2k is a very classic basketball game. From my personal point of view, this series of works iNba2k10  then there are 5 shooting keyss the most realistic game in basketball games. Take a look at the detailed explanation of nba2k10 keyboard operation. What I'm talking about here is the default key of the keyboard. Brother lineup is mobile first. This is the same as CS. I won't say moreIs nba2k10 the most classic generation
The nba2k10 is not the most classic generation. 9 best! At that time, EA Sports was still the world. Basketball games were very familiar. Only the nbalive series was really popular at that time. Later, 2k9 was born. Of course, it was also in front of it, but 2k9 was a watershed. Compared with the high-definition image quality of nbaliveHow does nba2k10 use tactics? How to operate
First, let's talk about the key position. The most important thing is to set a key in the last item of control setup in my controller, on the fly coaching. I use the keyboard and set the left shift key. This is the tactical call (it seems that you can't call when defending). There is one more thing that must be done in the gameWhat configuration is required for nba2k10 game
2k10 configuration, minimum configuration cpu: single core CPU equivalent to Pentium 4 2.4 GHz (2.8 GHz for Vista) memory: 512 MB or more (1 GB for Vista) optical drive: 8x or fast DVD drive hard disk: at least 10.5 GB hard disk space graphics card: DirectX 9 compliantHow to play small forward well in nba2k10 career mode
One person should control the ball less (dribbling ability 50+) and pass more (passing ability 60+). If he sees a halo under his teammate's feet, he should pass the ball. The timing should be good. If he wears it, he will give you extra points (good passing opportunity). It is best to press the crossover button before passing the ball. If he sends an assist, he will score +2 moves. This is the caseHow to play the career mode of nba2k10 well
1. As for the creation of characters, it seems that there are a lot of options and a high degree of freedom, but in fact, there are few handsome guys you can make. Maybe there is still some gap between the aesthetics of foreigners and ours. It seems that the image of pure tough guys is not very popular with most people (I actually like the Japanese tough guys
Nba2k10 all key combinations
10. Inside line attack: (1) turn around and pick up the basket: when the inside line holds the ball or leans to play
Nba2k10 then there are 5 shooting keys

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