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NBA can't this number is special

2022-06-25 08:08NBA Live Broadcast
Summary: What are the taboos in NBA historyThis number is very special, and its internal meaning is similar to that of GHS. Rodman, better than the legendary star, was rejected when applying for the No. 69 Jer
What are the taboos in NBA history
This number is very special, and its internal meaning is similar to that of GHS. Rodman, better than the legendary star, was rejected when applying for the No.NBA can't  this number is special 69 Jersey. Rodman's private life was chaotic during his career. If he wears the No. 69 shirt again, his negative image will only increase. So no matter how strong the NBA players areWhy can't I watch NBA Live
The top eight teams in the eastern and western regions began to compete for the playoffs, determined the champion of the eastern and western regions, and advanced to the NBA finals. The player with the best performance in the NBA Finals will be awarded the MVP honor in the NBA Finals, and the player with the highest score in general will be awarded the fmvp. To watch NBA, you can go to the NBA web page of Tencent sports to watch playback and live broadcastWhat taboos should not be touched in NBA games
But the NBA soon discovered the advertisement and ordered him to go out. Now you can see that many stars still have a variety of hairstyles, but there are no written hairstyles, more patterns. Sixth, you can't make racist remarks. This may be the last thing that can't be done publicly in the NBA. That is to sayWho are the four players the NBA can't mess with
The most feared players in the NBA are those who only play basketball and don't care about confrontation. Because what they fight is their body, which are the four players that the NBA must not provoke? Among them, James Kobe Bryant is in the top three, and Jordan is unstoppableWhy canNBA can't  this number is special't the NBA wear size 69
This pot should be thrown to Rodman, because Rodman had applied to the League for the No. 69 Jersey when he was playing for the bulls, but this application was rejected by the then NBA President davidstern on the spot. The reason is very simple. No. 69 originally had a special meaning. In addition, Rodman's private life outside the stadium was chaoticWhy can't NBA players socialize with cheerleaders
The main reason is to prevent NBA players from losing concentration. First, the NBA stipulates that cheerleaders cannot fall in love with players, which is relatively open in foreign countries. NBA players are very brave and brave. Generally speaking, they have more hormones than ordinary people. If there is no system to restrain them, nothing can be avoidedAs the top professional basketball league, what taboos can the NBA not touNBA can't  this number is specialch
The reason why the league is so strict is that the NBA has its own sports brand suppliers. For example, in the past, it cooperated with Adidas, and the shirts, socks, protective equipment, etc. were all from Adidas, but now they are supplied by Nike. Except for sneakersWhat are the NBA taboos not to touch
Don't say “ Internal ” Yao Ming's EQ is high enough. He quickly adapted to NBA culture and often made reporters laugh during interviews. However, Yao Ming has a groping stage from strangeness to integration. Once he was almost beaten by his teammates in the dressing roomIn the NBA, what taboos can not be touched
Different from ordinary sneakers, this sneaker has a spring at the bottom. After actual testing, this sneaker can really help players improve their jumping ability. For the NBA in front of the fans, thiNBA can't  this number is specials shoe is absolutely not allowed to appear in the NBA, so after wearing this bracelet for 15 gamesWho are the superstars who should not be provoked in the NBA
The four NBA superstars must not be provoked: G6 Thompson, James' death pupil, Kobe Bryant biting the Jersey superstar will always be a superstar. The main reason for this sentence, which has always been popular in the league, is that real superstars can always stand up at a critical moment and give heavy blows to their opponents
NBA can't this number is special

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