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2022-06-23 09:04NBA online viewing
Summary: How come there is no NBA fan texi after he became a starRaise the star again. 1. Click "player". 2. Select the player who needs to be promoted. 3. Click the "Star Rising" tab on the right.
How come there is no NBA fan texi after he became a star
Raise the star again. 1. Click "player". 2. Select the player who needs to be promoted. 3. Click the "Star Rising" tab on the right. 4. Select the players to be consumed for star promotion. Only the same players can be used for star promotion. 5. Click "player promotion". NBA fantexi is a 3D page game officially authorized by NBAHow do novices play NBA van Persie
Q: how do novices play NBA van Persie? A: NBA fantexi is the official authorized game of the NBA. It truly restores the popular NBA games, high-definition 3D game pictures, and the dynamic system creates the most dazzling game scenes in history! Seamless real-time access to NBA rNBA van Persieeal data. For basketball fans to play this game betterThe difference between NBA king and NBA van Persie
Difference betNBA van Persieween NBA king and NBA fantexi: NBA king is the world's first sports simulated mobile game that uses real data of professional leagues to change synchronously. NBA fantexi officially authorized by NBA is the world's first strategic action basketball mobile gameHow to relieve the NBA van Persie training
When you are on the training ground, you can exit the training by pressing the hit and pass key. NBA fantexi is the first strategic action basketball mobile game in the world, and it is operated on 4399 mobile game network (4399 game box) and other platforms. In the game, 3D action elements are added in addition to the simulation operation and play method, which perfectly shows all the most real data of NBA active playersHow to quickly upgrade NBA van Persie
With the players signed by agents, the team lineup is basically collected at level 10: the center is s-star Duncan, the power forward is A-star Smith, the small forward is A-star Parsons, the shooting guard is a+ star Evans, and the point guard is c+ star Cole. 8090nba fantexi middle schoolWhat exactly does the NBA van Persie mean
NBA fantexi is a simulated business page tour that continues the classic playing methods of traditional basketball managers. The game combines real-time micro operation and manager strategy playing methods, with the official and genuine authorization of the NBA to truly restore the popular NBA arenaWhere is the NBA fan texi
Freshly hung clothes
Where is the NBA fantexi CDKEY exchange
NBA fantexi CDKEY exchange is newly exchanged in the event. After receiving the CDKEY, go to the in-game activity center and enter the gift code to redeem. NBA fantexi's game introduction NBA fantexi's world's first micro operation NBA simulated operation + role playing mobile game real 3D game screen; Dynamic particle system creates a dazzling uinba genuine licenseHow to get the NBA van Persie Black Mamba
There are four main methods: 1 Players' agents can recruit players for free! Free opportunities for ordinary recruitment and one click recruitment are worth cherishing! 2. online rewards: you can easily own a S-class player's gift bag after accumulating online rewards. 3. get players in the game. Players can play in the cup game in the gameWhich skill of NBA fantexi is good
Skill tree 1 scientific cultivation (1/1) → insight into tactics (5/5) → home combat (1/1) → suppression (5/5) scientific cultivation (1/1) → on-the-spot play (5/5) → estrangement (5/5) → teamwork (5/5) scientific cultivation: substitute players' physical recovery speeNBA van Persied in the game is accelerated by 50% (inNBA van Persieitial skill)
NBA van Persie

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