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Nba2k14 keyboard operation skills of nba2k14

2022-06-23 02:37NBA rankings
Summary: Keyboard operation skills of nba2k14Corresponding operations of nba2k14 keyboard: 1 air connection: false pass key + close key keypad 0 + left shift 2 back play: accelerate + close key to keep pressin
Keyboard operation skills of nba2k14
Corresponding operations of nba2k14 keyboard: 1 air connection: false pass key + close key keypad 0 + left shift 2 back play: accelerate + close key to keep pressing the keypad enter + left shift 3 cross dribble in place: close key + any direction key to keep pressing the close key 4 Ginobili layup (European footsteps):Introduction to NBA 2k14
NBA 2k14 is a Nba2k14  keyboard operation skills of nba2k14basketball competitive game released by 2K games in october2013 and created by visual concepts game research and development studio. Works belonging to NBA 2K series. In the new mode in nba2k14, players will always play the little emperor on the basketball court to challenge each team and completeHow to evaluate the game nba2k14
3. There is no big change in the game mode, and the new teams are all European giants (nba2k14, what European team do you want, Hello!) that we basketball losers don't know. Ajan's King's roll can obviously feel the game's deep malice towards other plNba2k14  keyboard operation skills of nba2k14ayers! It's really a three-point line, fakeNba2k14 career mode introduction how to play in nba2k14 career
Nba2k14 career mode introduction, nba2k14 career playing method: first determine which position you want to play. The details are as follows: pg- shooting and ball control passing, good steNba2k14  keyboard operation skills of nba2k14als, high speed and agility. It is recomNba2k14  keyboard operation skills of nba2k14mended to go online for height. About 190+ is enough. Look at your weightHow to operate the stand-alone game nba2k14
Nba2k14 key operation tutorial: a spacebar B numpad 0 keypad 0 d numpad period keypad. (decimal point) C numpad 5 keypad 5 nba2k14 attack key: pass pass space key fakepass fake pass numpad 0 keypad 0 hopstep jump numpad periodConfiguration requirements of NBA 2k14
NBA 2k14 requires a minimum CPU configuration: Pentium 4 single core 2.4GHz or equivalent amd (2.8GhZ under win7) video memory: 128MB video cardHow many years does nba2k14 career model last
Nba2k14 career model can last up to 20 years. Play until you don't want to play. It's only 20 years at most. The older the ability value decreases every year, the more it can't support you to play NBA. Nba2k14 is the 16th work of a series of basketball games produced by 2kports. The game will join the team of the European League for the first timeWhat are the NBA's 2k14 strong lineups
Power forward: Griffin clippers Aldrich trailblazers Smith pistons Loew Timberwolves bosh heat Duncan spurs Center: Howard rockets Chandler Knicks Lopes basketball net nba2k14 is a sports game produced and released by 2K sportsNba2k14 strongest lineup
Starting point guard: Paul point guard: Kobe Bryant small front: James big front: Gasol (Nowitzki) center: Howard substitute point guard: Williams (Rondo, curry, WES) point guard: Wade small front: Durant big front: Ibaka Center: Bogut (personally, the player's score does not need to be too high
Nba2k14 how to consume physical strength
Nba2k14 physical strength press the acceleration key to consume physical strength
Nba2k14 keyboard operation skills of nba2k14

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