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NBA2K9 NBA2K9 operation mode

2022-06-23 11:04NBA rankings
Summary: NBA2K9 operation modeHow to operate NBA2K9. NBA2K9 how to operate deployment &xe768; Let me answer four questions. How can I buy insurance? It's all here. Xiaogang ferry received more than 6900
NBA2K9 operation mode
How to operate NBA2K9. NBA2K9 how to operate deployment &\xe768; Let me answer four questions. How can I buy insurance? It's all here. Xiaogang ferry received more than 69000 likes on the trip 2015-12-19. TA knows it has great potential. Answer volume:
What is the difference between NBA2K9 and nba2k10
The 10 advantages of 2k10: the two ends of attack and defense are much more realistic than 2k9. The movement is very natural. Stretching and watching NBA games feel very similar to music. The music of this generation is so beautiful. Sometimes I stop at the team selection screen to listen to music. Playback was also goodHow to press NBA2K9 back singles
In NBA2K9, the back-to-back single key: the keyboard is the left shift key, and the rocker is Lt. Conditions for back-up singles: control the player to advance to the basket and click the bNBA2K9  NBA2K9 operation modeack-up singles button, so that the player will automatically enter the back-up singles mode. Back singles:
NBA2K9 operating skills
Pause, NBA2K9 keyboard settingsIs NBA2K9 fun? To tell the truth
The truth is: for people who are used to live, 2K operation is too complicated and not fun. However, after being familiar with the 2K operation, I feel that 2k9 is more than one level higher than live. The picture authenticity and character movements are better than live PS: this year, the PC version of live 2010 is not available againWhere is NBA2K9
The game was cracked by hard disk From this website,NBA2K9  NBA2K9 operation mode I am from here.. There is a folder with three programs installed.. It seems that one of them can't be installed, but I can still play. I don't know what happenedHow to install NBA2K9
UnzNBA2K9  NBA2K9 operation modeip the NBA2K9 file to get a complete "post installation file". You need 9g of remaining space to directly unzip the CD free patch and overwrite it with the game file. You don't need to pay attention to other files to find NBA 2K9Ba2k9.exe, double click to start playing
How to play NBA2K9
Dynasty is that you can control a team, you can trade, train players, and your scouts will help you find out about the league. And the draft. You can build your own dynasty and build the team you want. Of course, the salary cap of the team should be considered.. If you can, you can surpass the Celtics, bulls and Lakers
How about NBA 2k9 game? Those who have played, please come in
NBA 2k9 is still good with high playability. Compared with EA, 2k9 pays more attention to entertainment: diverse fans, cheerleaders, caddies cleaning the floor, live commentary, street mode, etc; EA pays more attention to competition: there are few things outside the competition, and there is no 2k9 reality. It just makes people feel haNBA2K9  NBA2K9 operation modeppyOperation keys and detailed analysis of NBA2K9
Update the direct pass / substitution combination: keypad +0 direct pass / substitution to SG; Keypad +del direct pass / change to PF; Keypad +5 direct pass / change to SF; Keypad + space direct pass / change to PG; Keypad +tab direct pass / change to C
NBA2K9 NBA2K9 operation mode

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