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2022-06-23 12:04NBA rankings
Summary: What is the role of analyzing NBA dataBy analyzing NBA data, we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the value of a player. However, some players are too good to summarize their advantages e
What is the role of analyzing NBA data
By analyzing NBA data, we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the value of a player. However, some players aNBA analysis  analyze NBA datare too good to summarize their advantages even with data analysis. Here are some examples for reference. In the period when Michael Jordan won his second three consecutive NBA titlesAuthoritative data analysis who is the most stable player in NBA possession
According to authoritative data analysis, who is the most stable player in the NBA? In the NBA, there are many players with very strong ball control. The good control of the ball here means that there are many dribble moves and few mistakes. Like Owen, curry, Paul, Nash, Kidd and so on. Here Xiaobian can't help thinkingHow is the NBA's detailed and complex data calculated
The NBA League operating company makes statistics on the players of the two teams on the court in a statistical way based on technology and supplemented by recording platforms. The familiar CBA alliance company still uses the traditional statistical method (recording station Statistics). The traditional statistical method is certainly different from the technology-based statistical method of the NBA League. In heightWho is the most overrated star in NBA history
McGrady is the most overrated player. McGrady is a magical player. There are a group of extreme fans who are constantly supportNBA analysis  analyze NBA dataing and killing other stars through rumor mongering, embarrassment blowing, hard blowing and blackmail on the Internet. McGrady can always be invincible in comparison with all the stars in NBA history. With RosbyWhat is the general idea of NBA game analysis
NBA commentary is an American style commentary, which is the simplest among the four major leagues in North America. Sports commentary has a certain system, but I think a more appropriate word is called routine! Explanation belongs to the art of broadcasting, which is nothing more than the art of speaking. No matter how it changes, it will not leave this essence. And just like we usually talkWhat are the NBA Finals Cavaliers and warriors guard players worth analyzing
Through the analysis of data and video observation, it is concluded that Owen has more scoring means than curry. According to the data statistics and video observation and analysis of the substitute players Livingston and Owen of the two teams, the NBA has the highest basketball level in the world in terms of shots, hit times, hit rate and average fieldIn depth analysis: how much will thNBA analysis  analyze NBA datae injury of nba3 superstar affect the championship competition pattern in the playoffs
With the gradual deepening of the NBA playoff battle, many star players in the team have presented injury problems. The 76ers will have an MRI today to determine how serious his knee injury is. Lakers' Anthony Davis may miss today's game due to a groin injuryObjectively analyze who has the best throwing skills among the active NBA players
In my impression, Tony Parker's throwing technique is the best in my heart, such as fire pure green. Tony Parker seldom watched his game after he came to the pistons. He saw a lot during the thunder period. At that time, using throwing to solve the battle did not seem to be one of his main scoring methods, so he said something that the data could not reflectCan NBA data analysis really show the strength of a player
NBA data can not really reflect the strength of a player. In addition to some surface data, NBA also has higher-end data such as per value usg% value. First of all, we don't discuss how these data are, but is it a bit one-sided to judge a professional player's ability based on some data alone? Take an exampleAre there any unprofessional technical details among the famous NBA players
It is unprofessional for othersNBA analysis  analyze NBA data to do it, including most NBA players. In the same way, Kobe's many strong hits, AI breakthroughs, LBJ's tank push and pass, and Nash's and white chocolate's many unpredictable passes are the same. Super giant is super giant
NBA analysis analyze NBA data

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