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2022-06-23 14:03NBA rankings
Summary: What is the home and away record of the NBA Golden State WarriorsThe longest record of home game winning streak in the history of the NBA is maintained by this warrior team. They won 54 consecutive ho
What is the home and away record of the NBA Golden State Warriors
The longest record of home game winning streak in the history of the NBA is maintained by this warrior team. They won 54 consecutive home games from February 1, 2015 to March 30, 2016 Beijing time. The current NBA game system is 41 home games and 41 away games. In the home game of this season's regular season, the warriors scored 11 pointsNBA today at home
Hero League World Championship 2022 time
This is the first time that fist games have held the global finals in many countries in North America, and it is also the first time that s games have been held in Mexico and Canada. At present, the two S12 competition venues that have been announced are the Toronto Maple Leaf Bank Stadium in the semi-finals, which is also the home of the NBA Toronto RaptorsWhat information should be paid attention to when the final G4 referee report is released
First, there were two missed judgments in the last two minutes. Second, the two teams made a profit each time. Third, there was no problem with other penalty calls. Fourth, the correct rate of penalty calls was relatively high. Fifth, the final difference in the first three games was relatively largeCurry won the finals MVP for the first time. What history has he created in his career
Curry has conquered many fans with his own strength, as well as many media and the entire NBA League. Curry led the team to a record of 73 victories in a single season. You know, in the NBA, NBA todaythe normal regular season is 82 gamesNBA today, but curry can lead the team to a record of 73 victories in the regular seasonIn the NBA Finals, the warriors defeated the green army with a total score of 4:2 to win the cNBA todayhampionship. What is the meaning of this game
On June 17, Beijing time, the sixth game of the NBA finals was held at the Boston Celtics' home court! Previously, the Golden State Warriors have gained the advantage of leading 3:2. If the Golden State Warriors win today's game, then the warriors will be the NBA champion in the new season! If the Celtics winNBA East West finals schedule
The schedule of NBA Eastern and Western finals is as follows: Eastern Finals: G1 heat homeCurry has become the sixth man in history. What good achievements has he made in his NBA career
This player has become the first player since 1954 who has scored more than 30 points in less than 23 minutes in the playoffs. This operation can be said to have reached the level of apotheosis. In this game, he got 3000 points in his career playoffs, ranking first in his own teamAfter the warriors won the championship again, curry wept with joy. What does this game mean to him
This game means a war of proof for curry. Although curry is already a superstar in the NBA, the outside world has always had some doubts about him, and many people even have various prejudices against him. Especially after Durant left the warriorsThe audience rating of this year's finals is 22% higher than that of last year. Why do more and more people pay attention to the NBA
For our domestic fans, we will watch NBA games through various network channels. Even if we live broadcast online through the network, the online live broadcast will be included in the audience rating of the finals. The audience rating of the finals increased by 22%. I think it needs to be emphasized that the ratings of the NBA Finals have increased by 22%BBR set Curry's history at 11. What is his status in the NBA now
Where is Stephen Curry's future? With Stephen Curry's influence now, he will definitely be more powerful in the future. The NBA games from 2021 to 2022 have officially come to an end. After a whole season of fierce competition, the Golden State Warriors have come to the fore and defeated one strong team after another
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