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2022-06-23 23:50NBA rankings
Summary: What are the main technical characteristics of NBA Curry's shooting in the gameStable body posture is the guarantee of high shooting hit rate. Different basketball players have their own unique bod
What are the main technical characteristics of NBA Curry's shooting in the game
Stable body posture is the guarantee of high shooting hit rateNBA shooting. Different basketball players have their own unique body posture, and Curie, who has a high hit rate, is no exception. Through the observation of Curie's game video and training video, it can be found that whether it is the spot shooting or the emergency stop jump shot after dribblingThere are many stars in the NBA shooting posture standard, but what are the positions that are qualified to be "textbooks"
Shooting is the most common operation on the basketball court. Whether the shooting posture is standard or not will affect the hit rate. There are many excellent basketball players in the history of NBA, but only five are qualified to be called textbooks. Let's have a look. Anthony is a very good scorer in the leagueWho are the five best shooting stars in NBA history
The five most perfect shooting stars in the history of NBA can be called textbooks. The shooting ability listed on T-Mac is a very important ability on the basketball court. Many NBA players see that their shooting actions are quite perfect. Today, let's take NBA shootingstock of the five most perfect shooting players in NBA, which can be called textbooks. T-Mac is listed on the listWhat are the special shooting positions of NBA players
First place: McGee, who made his debut in the NBA in 2012, is a star with high talent, but his position in the league has not broken through, as if the first place had become his highest glory. In addition, McGee's shooting posture is also extremely strange and his wrists are twistedNowadays, almost no one in the NBA shoots in the way of hitting the board. Do you know why
In the basketball game, shooting is relatively the easiest way to score goals. It can avoid physical confrontation as much as possible without consuming too much physical strength to get rid of defense. However, fans who often watch the game will find that most of the players' shots in the game are hollow, and they can hardly see playing cricket. On the fieldWhat are the five difficult shooting positions in the NBA
We can judge who he is by his actions alone, so shooting action movies can't be changed just by changing them. This is a habit of a person since childhood. Once he has developed his own unique actions, it will take many times of effort to change them, and his hand feeling will also be affectedWho are the five best shooting stars in the NBA
Many fans mentioned Kobe and Jordan. Today, I'd like to introduce the five most handsome basketball stars in the NBA. Among them, Kobe and Jordan are on the list, and the shooting action at the top of the list can be regarded as a textbook. The fifth place, Ray Allen star Ray Allen's scoring ability is very outstanding, and is called "scoring machine" by fans. Ray Allen's style is elegantWhy is the NBA shooting percentage so low
Shooting posture is very important. If you want to improve your shooting percentage, you must first shoot with the correct posture. Both hands are used in shooting. The left hand holds the ball to control the direction, and the right hand pushes the ball out. (on the contrary for lefties) Ray Allen, a textbook on shooting poNBA shootingsture in the NBA, did a good job. When there is no ball. For ordinary amateur basketball gamesNBA has all kinds of shooting moves. Which players have wonderful shooting moves
Boozer's shooting posture is also very strange, but his shooting percentage is still very high. In the playoffs, Boozer was an inside player who blew up Yao Ming at both ends of the offense and defense, but now Boozer has been unable to gain a foothold in the NBA, even though he used to be an all-star playerWho are the most beautiful shooting stars in the NBA
But do you know the fivNBA shootinge most beautiful shooting stars in the NBA? Among them, curry James is at the bottom, and Kobe Bryant deserves his name! Fifth place: when talking about curry, most people will sigh for his extremely accurate three-point shot. Some netizens commented that curry's three-point shot led the NBA of this era, and he will be remembered by history
NBA shooting

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