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Nba2k21 enter the following interface

2022-06-22 17:04NBA schedule
Summary: How to windowize nba2k21How to windowize nba2k21? First, open the nba2k20 game and find the function options. The function options on the home page are in the upper right corner. Enter the interface s
How to windowize nba2k21
How to windowize nba2k21? First, open the nba2k20 game and find the function options. The function options on the home page are in the upper right corner. Enter the interface shown in the figure below and click video settings, where the game resolution and game image quality are mainly set. Then we can change to windowed mode hereNba2k21 how to change park capacity
High in the setting. Method of change. First enter the nba2k21 game, and then click settings. Select the ability of the park in the lens settings, and then click Save to complete the changeWhich is the best technical feature of nba2k21
Now you have the ability. Slowly pull the rocker back and forth to make a slow-paced fancy dribble, and then quickly change the rhythm to make a fast cross dribble to connect, plus the signature fancy dribble (push the right rocker up) and the new signboard to get rid of the dribble. In this wayNba2k21 the importance of victory
In nba2k21, players can get reward players by completing season tasks, so that their team and strength will become stronger and stronger. Words: Season mode is the core playing method of 2k21. Players will gain experience points by completing various tasks. After upgrading, they can get corresponding rewards. The game takes 42 days as a cycleHow to operate the nba2k21 keyboard
Nba2k21 keyboard operation key position the WASD key is to move, the space is to confirm / pass, the ESC key is to retreat, the 1 key on the keypad is to pass low angle / cheat offensive foul, the 2 key on the keypad is to dribble behind / shake falsely 2/ change hands, the 3 key on the keypad is to lob / block / backboard, and the 5 key on the keypad is to shoot / breakFF300R12KT4
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Does nba2k21 generate storyline
Yes. In the story mode of nba2k21, there is a story. You will follow tNba2k21  enter the following interfacehe footsteps of a basketball player and experience his dream basketball life from high school to college, and then to the NBA major league. This year's story mode will be beach themedNba2k21 which coach is good
In the dynasty mode of nba2k21, the coach's ability value is fixed, but the team's tactNba2k21  enter the following interfaceical settings can be modified according to personal preferences, that is, to define the team's playing methods and tactics. Although the attribute of the coach cannot be changed, the coach can be defined by modifying the team's game tacticsHow nba2k21 becomes a superstar
The overall rating is above 85. The attribute ability is high. If you want to break through sharp, speed and agility are essential. If you have high data, you will become a star. If you can dominate the game, you will become a star. The conditions for becoming a superstar: as the absolute core of the team, it has the strength to win the NBA championshipNba2k21 draft is always the end
The scores of some Rookies of nba2k21 in 2020 have been announced. There may not be so many bright players at this year's draft conference, but we still look forward to their future development. After entering the NBA 2k21 game, click the ultimate League, and the ultimate League settings pageNba2k21 how to defend the nets
Operation of nba2k21 defensive basket: handle setting 1 Cross key, left key, man to man (I think it's a good defensive tactic). 2. here is the key point. Right click the cross key, and RT will switch to the second page without giving three points. 3. right click the cross key and switch to RT to win by physical fitness (this is the most important, only this setting)
Nba2k21 enter the following interface

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