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NBA Zhouqi Chinese men's basketball player

2022-06-25 07:17NBA schedule
Summary: Why is Zhou Qi the sixth Chinese to enter the NBAZhou Qi (january16,1996 -), born in Xinxiang, Henan Province, is a Chinese male basketball player and a professional center. Now he works for the Xinji
Why is Zhou Qi the sixth Chinese to enter the NBA
Zhou Qi (january16,1996 -), born in Xinxiang, Henan ProvinNBA Zhouqi  Chinese men's basketball playerce, is a Chinese male basketball player and a professional center. Now he works for the Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tiger club and is called the "big demon" by fans. He used to play for the NBA Houston Rockets. Zhou Qi has a soft feel, excellent frame attack ability, and outstanding ability to assist in defense and coverCan Zhou Qi still enter the NBA
In terms of comprehensive strength, it can be accessed. At present, the CBA game is still in progress. In this game, Xinjiang team will face Liaoning team. Zhou Qi and Aaron Guo are in the middle, foreign aid Stephenson, this will be a very good game. Zhou Qi's strength has reached the NBA condition, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games has been postponedHow strong is Zhou Qi now? Will you be able to play in the NBA in the future
Before Zhou Qi went to the NBA, his playing time was very poor, and he still played in the Development League most of the time. After being abandoned by the Rockets, no other NBA team contacted Zhou Qi, so Zhou Qi finally came to the CBA. The first phase of CBA also ended as scheduled. Fans will naturally infer the second stage from the first stageWhy was Zhou Qi returned by NBA? What the hell is going on
As the hope of the Chinese men's basketball team, Zhou Qi was also selected by the rockets at that time. After all, he was tall enough and had enough arm span. His talent could be said to be very excellent. However, Zhou Qi was too old at that time, so he was selected by the Rockets in the second round of the NBA draft. People had high expectations of him at that timeWhy did Zhou Qi enter the NBA when he performed so badly
On december18,2018, the Houston Rockets officially announced that the team offNBA Zhouqi  Chinese men's basketball playericially laid off Zhou Qi. In the two-year NBA career, Zhou Qi played 19 games, averaging 1.2 points, 1.2 rebounds and 0.7 blocks. It is worth mentioning that even in the Development League, Zhou Qi still failed to score high pointsWhat is Zhou Qi's level in the NBA
This decentralization is the first time Zhou Qi has delegated power in his NBA career. Although the rocket inside is not particularly powerful, it is considered overcrowded in terms of quantity. Due to the fierce competition within the Rockets, Zhou Qi is still in the early stNBA Zhouqi  Chinese men's basketball playerage of the NBA adaptation period, so it is reasonable to spread to the League Viper teamWhy did Zhou Qi, a basketball genius, become an unemployed youth in the NBA
It will also increase confidence. It can only be said that compared with Zhou Qi, haltenstein's figure and technical characteristics are more suitable for the requirements of the NBA. We don't need to belittle Zhou Qi. It really doesn't meet the requirements of the NBA. There's nothing wrong with returning to the CBA next season. As a young man, it is the key to play steadilyChinese basketball genius Zhou Qi is muscular and talented. Has he been invited by NCAA
Therefore, it will be difficult for Zhou Qi to adapt to the basketball culture and basketball training intensity there. For Zhou Qi, if she wants to play in a place like the United States, she will have more than enough heart but less strength. Another factor is where Zhou Qi has tried. Playing in NBA and NCAA is totally differentWhat is the level of basketball player Zhou Qi? What is he best at
He felt that Zhou Qi's failure in the NBA was because Rockets coach D'Antoni didn't give him a chance to prove himself. Zhou Qi is a rare talent. The big man can shNBA Zhouqi  Chinese men's basketball playeroot from a long distance, and the defensive side is also very active. The only drawback is that he is too thin. Barkley, I thought Yao Ming couldn't stand in the NBA beforeFrom a basketball genius to a bad reputation in the first World War, and now he has broken his face with the team. What happened to Zhou Qi
But it never occurred to me that Zhou Qi's performance in the NBA was not satisfactory, so he had to sit on the bench and finally had no choice but to leave the NBA and choose to return home. Zhou Qi, who just returned to China, was abandoned by the NBA, but was still sought after by domestic teams. However, at the 2019 men's Basketball World Cup, Zhou Qi ruined all his honors because of the war against Poland
NBA Zhouqi Chinese men's basketball player

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